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Welcome to The Santorini Photographer, your one-stop-shop for fun and memorable photoshoots on Greece’s most beautiful island. Head out to Santorini’s most Instagrammable locations to capture picture-perfect moments whether you’re on an unforgettable family vacation or are celebrating a milestone moment with your loved one.
Embark on an adventure around Santorini and explore the island’s most beloved landmarks as well as its hidden gems. Revel in a sense of ease as you are guided with poses, feel relaxed in ront of the camera, and have a few laughs along the way. Relish a day of photoshooting and sightseeing all-in-one and gain access to your images within 48 hours.

What sets us apart from any other photographer in Santorini

There might be a lot of photographers in Santorini, but there is only one Santorini Photographer. It is our distinct privilege to forge a connection, be reliable, and offer a tailor-made photoshoot outing you can’t find anywhere else.
Years of experience behind the camera, coupled with a love for showing people around the island, has allowed us to hone our craft and churn out the very best experience for each and every Santorini photoshoot.


Discover 5 reasons why we are the #1 choice for photoshoots in Santorini


1. Prompt response time

Your vacation time is valuable and you deserve to have your plans set in place before you arrive in Santorini. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to arrange your activities for your upcoming vacation only to have to wait for days to get a response. And when the response is vague or gets lost in translation? Talk about a holiday heartache!
Eliminate the stress of having to sit around and wait for a response when you book a photoshoot with The Santorini Photographer. Receive a response within hours of asking and gain access to a detailed response.
Our promise to you is that you never have to worry about slow, obscure, or half-answered questions when you reach out on inquiries both big and small.

2. Clear understanding of what to expect during a photoshoot

A photoshoot in Santorini deserves to be a few things: memorable, lighthearted, and, above all else, exactly what you expect it to be. Nothing ruins a photoshoot faster than having your expectations squashed due to arriving at locations that are not what you thought they’d be, facing challenges with the rugged terrain, or feeling disappointed with how the photos may turn out.
When you book a photoshoot with us, there are no hidden secrets. Be privy to a detailed itinerary of where to meet, what to expect in every location such as crowds and lighting, and the images we can achieve there. Feel a sense of ease entering the photoshoot knowing that what we promise to you during the booking process is what you get.

3. Professional guiding & access to hidden spots

Some people want the same old same old, but you’re not some people. While it’s great to have pictures in the island’s world-famous spots, there runs the chance of massive crowds, tight spaces, or photos that are not differentiated from many of the others you see from Santorini when you shoot in certain locales.
Besides being a photographer in Santorini, my other passion is acting as a guide. Get ready to see a side of Santorini you did not know exists, from hidden gems that lie off the beaten path to beautiful virgin beaches. Let me take you on an adventure through the island’s crevices, share with you its epic myths and tales, and find spots that others do not have access to.

4. Honesty about shooting locations

Not everything is as it appears in postcards. While Santorini is arguably the most picturesque location on earth, there is a time and place to take pictures in certain spots throughout the island. Whether it be avoiding the crowds of Oia at sunset or heading to a beach that truly lives up to the hype, you deserve to have full honesty about your desired destination.
That is why we never take you to a location, no matter how famed, if the experience does not live up to reality. We know the places to avoid when the crowds are flocking and have an upfront conversation with you about this in the booking process. We want you to know the crowd size, backdrop, and all-around vibes to expect from every locale so we can make an informed decision on what works best for your Santorini photoshoot.

5. Fast high-resolution image delivery via online gallery

In an era where photos are available instantaneously on a smartphone, it is somewhat of a difficult task have to wait for images from a professional photographer. And since you carved out time and effort to make a photoshoot happen while you are in Santorini, you are especially eager to see the results as quickly as possible.
Receive your professional high-resolution photographs in just a few day’s time so you don’t have to sit around and wait. You are guaranteed to have access to your pictures via an easy-to-use online gallery. View your 50-70 photos taken within a one-hour time frame savor memories to last a lifetime.


Find your Ideal Santorini Photoshoot Scenario
Explore the many Santorini photoshoot options for a variety of occasions, moods, and milestone moments. Find the idea that’s right for you and have a pictorial to cherish forever.



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01. Booking

Request an appointment for the morning, afternoon, or evening. Confirmation & clear details about our meeting point to follow.

02. Photoshoot

Strike a pose with your family, friends, or loved one in one of Santorini’s spectacular locations.
Be guided with posing along the way.

03. Ready to get your photos

Gain access to your images in a maximum of 72 hours. Delight in your high-resolution photos via Internet gallery for easy access.


1 hour session
50 - 70 images in high resolution
1 location
Morning in Oia or evening in Imerovigli


2 hour session
100 - 150 images in high resolution
1 location
Morning in Oia or evening in Imerovigli


Request Pricing

Request Pricing

1 hour session
50-70 images in high resolution
Pictures delivered the same day in high resolution via internet gallery


Ask the most relevant photoshoot in Santorini FAQs


1. Where do people take pictures in Santorini?

It’s no secret that Santorini is stunning from top to bottom, but there are some all-time favorite spots for any photographer in Santorini. The western coast of the island is much-beloved thanks to its spectacular position for brilliant daytime sun and breathtaking sunset views. This includes Imerovigli Fira, and, of course, the world-famous Oia. If you’re looking for something a bit less crowded, consider the beaches along the southern coast or lesser-known villages like Megalochori or Pyrgos.


2. What are the best colors to wear for a photoshoot in Santorini?

Santorini’s monochromatic backdrop makes for a captivating pictorial, and the dress code requires careful consideration. Santorini is known for its stark white houses and pops of blue, so you may consider a colorful wardrobe to stay out amongst the light colors. However, it is truly striking to lean into the fair colors and go monochromatic yourself. Consider crisp whites, tasteful khakis, and modest beiges for a truly refined Santorini photoshoot look.


3. Where are the most Instagrammable spots in Santorini?

If there was ever an ideal Instagram location, it has to be Santorini! Arguably, the dramatic cliffsides of Oia are the most Instagrammable spot on the island, but they tend to get crowded in the evening. Other Instagram-worthy spots in Santorini include the village of Imerovigli during sunset, Akrotiri Beach during the daytime, or less-visited spots such as the Lighthouse of Akrotiri or the Heart of Santorini in Megalochori, a true-to-its-word romantic natural landmark.

Read what happy clients say about The Santorini Photographer


Panos is the best photographer in Santorini. He’s very professional and his photos are wonderful. He made us feel comfortable. He arrived early for our appointment and he spent a lot of time for the shooting in order to realize a perfect service. We highly recommend Panos, he gave us magic moments for our honeymoon!
-Serena O


If you are getting married in Santorini, and you want the best wedding photographer available, book Panos now! Prompt, professional, great communication… and the pictures!
Absolutely stunning! Panos arrived early at our wedding venue to capture our elopement ceremony, then personally drove us to secret photo locations in Oia. He spent the next couple of days editing our photos until they were perfect. We couldn’t be more thrilled!
Thank you again for everything, Panos!
-Matt B.


We want to thank you a lot for the experience! The photos are really beautiful and Panos knows how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. We really recommend you to take a photoshoot with him when traveling to Santorini!
-Julien M.


We love our photos from The Santorini Photographer! Panos was great to work with from beginning to end. He was very responsive to all my questions and was so personable on the day of. He knew all the best spots for photos & was able to direct us for poses. The color on the photos is very clean & natural and the pictures are well framed with thescenery. We’re so happy with how our photos came out. We highly recommend hiring Panos!
-Sharon F.


Panos was an amazing photographer and guide. He knew of all the best photo spots in town and made sure we got the best photos – personalizing the experience and making us feel fantastic and not rushed. He was extremely personable and knowledgeable, and a great guide to the city. I’d definitely book this experience again! He even showed us a lunch spot that we went to after the photo shoot, and it was the best meal we had so far during our trip – with incredible views as well of course.